Monthly Archives: November 2021

Art meets Yoga: The Psychedelic Dreams Collection

The Psychedelic Dreams Collection: Diane Alexandre X Aladastra   Our limited edition collaboration with the talented French born artist Diane Alexandre is divided in two collections: the Psychedelic Dreams and the Scarab Talismans.   As we previously introduced you to the later, it is time to talk about the Psychedelic Dreams Collection, which portraits female […]

The Winter Gear Guide

The Winter Gear Guide contains the most fitting mats, props and wellness products from our collections to help you prepare for these cool and crispy months.   Discover beautiful Yoga Mats with the ideal symbols and colours for winter that will help your concentration and alignment.     Firstly on our winter gear guide, we […]

Beginner’s Guide: Your First Yoga Essentials

New to Yoga? Here is a beginner’s guide to your first yoga essentials! Find out what each prop has to offer, get tips on your first essentials and start your yoga journey with Aladastra.   Yoga is not just a workout and stretching routine. It is an ancient practice with Indian origins that involves movement, meditation, […]