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Libra Picks

The Libra sign, the 7th of the Zodiac and the 1st of the last six signs, marks a shift point. From the “individual” focused 1st six signs, the last six focus on the individual’s contact with others and with the world. Libras are especially known for their love of being around other people but also […]

Summer Feet Rescue Plan

5 Easy Steps To Fix Post-Summer Feet Overnight You’re back from holiday, feeling sun-kissed and well-rested… except from your feet! Barefoot season is nearly over, and that steamy, aromatic foot bath is calling. Heat exposure, humidity, unsupported or no footwear, UV damage and all those summer escapades (walks in the countryside, days out at the […]

Aladastra X Apoella: Meet Phoebe Kyriaki

Apoella asks Phoebe Aladastra founder and inspiring yogi, Phoebe Kyriaki is talking about the Aladastra X Apoella collaboration, her brand and her life. Hello Phoebe! Tell us your story. From law school to yoga, a pathway full of stars? Hello team Apoella! I am indeed a trained environmental lawyer and avid yogi, I started practicing […]