4 Herbs to improve your Mental Health

herbs for mental health

These 4 herbs can cast a magical spell on your mental health and general well-being. Bringing you relaxation and clarity.

We are no strangers of long work hours, juggling personal and professional commitments, and so many other aspects of our lives that have a huge impact on our mental health. It is beyond normal to feel exhausted, stressed, irritable, but at times we need to stop and check ourselves so we don’t let these emotions affect our decisions. 

Of course, there are many ways to help improve your mental well-being, but here at Aladastra we believe in a holistic lifestyle. A connected way of living as a whole, and understanding how elements and habits are working together to impact our state of being or wellness. 

With that being said, we are big fans of herbalism and consuming the following 4 herbs can be highly beneficial for your mental health and well-being.


herbs for mental health

Commonly known as Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha has become one of the most popular herbs used worldwide for a good reason. A plant that adapts to your body’s needs, creating an adaptive stress response to keep a steady sense of calm and ease. This full of adaptogens magical herb also promotes healthy brain functionality and deep restful sleep, both crucial for keeping depressrion and anxiety aside.


herbs for mental health

Curcuma longa, or turmeric, is a plant that grows primarily in South Asia, it is also widely known as haldi in India. It’s a perennial that produces a long, stem-like flower tipped with white and pink petals while in bloom. Beautiful as the flower is, turmeric’s human benefits lie primarily in its rhizomes. These rhizomes look similar to fresh ginger, with an orange interior color. The spice is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, while also being an antioxidant. Turmeric contains curcumin, and it helps in increasing blood flow which prevents heart diseases. It also helps in boosting the brain-derived neurotrophic factor that shields one from mental diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s.


herbs for mental health

Rose has had a prominent presence in a variety of formulations of ancient texts found in medicine, such as in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Rose is known for its mind, body and spiritual healing benefits, and that is why most of these remedies are connected with relieving depression, anxiety, the heart, psycho-spiritual related imbalances, and many more. Also, based on more up-to-date scientific discoveries, rose balances hormones, promotes restful and peaceful sleep, and soothes nervous, angry and sad emotions. 


Cardamom, along with being a multi-purpose spice used in many recipes, also brings numerous health benefits. The aromatic power that cardamom holds has the added benefit of helping those going through mental stress, depression or any other mental health issue. It is also known to successfully treat sexual dysfunctions like impotency and premature ejaculation. Therefore, consuming cardamom can do wonders to sexual health, and a healthy sex life definitely boosts our mental well-being.  

Mental health is part of the equation for optimizing our overall health. Take control of your health and well-being by finding effective ways to boost your mood and lower your stress levels so that you can feel like your best self. 

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