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YOGA PADS: what are they and how to use them ?

Yoga Pad: a definition The yoga pad could be described as the little sibling of the yoga mat. However like siblings they have a totally different character! Complementing rather than substituting each other. Read on to find out how your practice can benefit from an Aladastra Yoga pad.   So what are Yoga Pads ? […]

Salutation to the New Year

Out with the Old, In with the New! As the New Year is just around the corner, we might aswell greet it the best way possible! Every start of the year is a great time to press the reboot button, set new goals and finish all things remaining on our to-do list. Now is the […]

Yoga and Mudras: Magic At Your Fingertips

Mudras, What are they and how to add them in your yoga practice? Mudras are mystical healing hand and finger positions used in Yoga. They help intensify meditation, channel energy and heal. Each mudra has a different story, symbolism, effect and method of use. All mudras are more effective when partnered with pranayama (yogic breathing), […]

A Cleansing Ritual: Cleaning your Yoga Mat

  The most underestimated luxury is cleanliness. Few things in life are so pleasurable as the smell of a clean t-shirt passing over your neck, or the smell of fresh crisp bed sheets. The same is true for your yoga mat, what better way to start your practice than with a perfectly clean, awesome smelling […]