Color Psychology: Find the right Yoga Mat for you


Just as yoga prepares you to enter the cosmic realm, we feel that your mat is your personal altar, a small celestial corridor on which you train your body and cleanse your mind and soul to enter peacefully a higher state of being. The artworks on our mats have a threefold purpose. 


The first layer is the color palette. All colors have special powers and when combined, they can assist in the fine tuning of emotions. 


Our mats will assist you without distracting you; they will rather create a protective ambience that gradually you will get connected too. In that way no matter where you are whether at home, at the gym or on a business trip in a faceless hotel room you will instantly have a very warm and familiar space that helps you transcend and deepen your practice by silencing your surroundings and letting you amplify your energy. 


To help you pick the perfect yoga mat for you from our Classic and Super Grip Collections, here’s a guide on the psychology of the numerous colors in our palette:


Earthly Colors

Stones with earthly colors such as Tigers Eye and Brown Agate are very grounding. Tigers eye apart from being a highly protective stone, grants us self-awareness helping us recognize talents and faults.

One of the most interesting qualities of brown agate is that it helps cleanse ourselves of bitterness and helps us forgive.

Additionally it is a stone that enhances maturity and composure. Elements of a beige color hue would be Mother of Pearl and Pearls. Both of them have healing properties, as this is the reason for their existence. They soothe the nervous system and dispel negative energy. 



The Gold hues on your mat aid the activation of the crown chakra. It clears negative energy from all chakras and energy bodies, emotional, physical and intellectual. It is powerful colour which is often used as a protective shield. 



Pink promotes physical balance and tranquility, nurtures emotions, love and sexuality. Pink color stones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Unakite encourage unconditional love and self love. They can provide comfort during emotionally stressful times and are able to heal pain. They have a grounding effect bestowing balance and are linked to the heart chakra. 


Turquoise Blue

The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Blue hue gemstones include Amazonite, aquamarine, apatite and blue lace agate. Apatite is linked to strong spiritual guidance, helps us with public speaking and opens our throat chakra. Turquoise as a color and as a stone offers protection and has been worn in talismans for centuries. Its healing properties comfort the mind and energize the body, cancelling negative energy and aligning our chakras. 



Grey is the color of psychological neutrality, as such it is a color that helps us maintain our balance. This is the color of classic ocean tumbled Granite, made out of quartz and feldspar, it combines the powers of water and earth, helping us find balance between emotions and practicality. 



Teal combines the calming properties of blue and green. It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating colour that represents open communication and clarity of thought. Just like a flowing river, it is calming while at the same time invigorating, helping restore levels of depleted energy. For Tibetan monks teal symbolizes the infinity of the sea and sky, for ancient Egyptians it was the color of truth and has always been associated with commitment and spiritual advancement. 


Orange as a combination color binds the physical and the emotional. It is a sensual color, that enhances fun and the feeling of belonging either to a community or a place. Orange gemstones vary in hues from Carnelian to Amber. The former stimulates creativity, vitality and positive life choices while also invigorates our sexuality and boosts fertility. The latter attracts love and good luck while helping with emotional healing and stress relief. 



The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues will stimulate clarity of thought. As a spectrum of hues, blue is linked to intelligence, communication, serenity and trust. 

Blue hue gemstones include Amazonite, aquamarine, apatite and blue lace agate. Amazonite calms our nervous system, helps us filter information and combine logic with intuition. Blue lace agate helps balance our throat chakra and enables us to vocalise suppressed emotions. The peaceful vibrations emanating from it are so strong that it eliminates any feelings of anger. Apatite is linked to strong spiritual guidance, helps us with public speaking and opens our throat chakra. 



Purple is a very special color, a balance between Red (a stimulating colour) and Blue (a calming colour). Seen in all its glory during sunsets as daylight transforms into darkness, it symbolizes change of consciousness and transcendence from our normal waking state into the palace of awareness.

It is meant to calm your mind. It is the colour of the Crown chakra, Sahasrara , the seventh chakra located on the top of the head. It is linked to our nervous system and our brain and represents pure thought. It connects us with infinite consciousness and deep spiritual understanding. Gemstones that help the awakening of the Sahasrara, like Amethyst, can be used during meditation by being placed between the eyebrows while lying down. Amethyst’s gentle purple energy, helps quiet down our thoughts allowing the mind to experience tranquility. Purple teaches humility and shows the way into the realm of true knowing and wisdom. 



Yellow is considered, due to its long wavelength one of the strongest colors psychologically. It fills us with optimism and confidence and it promotes our creativity. Yellow gemstones like Citrine and Honey Calcite have highly energizing and uplifting properties. The former helps balance our solar plexus chakra and deflects negative energy. The later makes obstacles feel smaller, has the ability to amplify energy and due to its healing properties helps confront depression and fixations, while at the same time balances our solar plexus chakra. 



Black is one of the most important teachers, often feared by association we neglect its tremendous positive powers. Connected to the root chakra it links us to mother earth, the whole realm of the physical, the notion of survival and the achievement of positive Ego fulfillment. 

One of the most important qualities of black is its ability to draw from the spiritual realm into the physical. Black contains so much light, and when close to the root chakra it draws the refined energies of the higher chakras to the root, purifying, and connecting us to earthly energies. 

Black color is extremely absorbent, it contains all other colours and devours light, it has always been worn in protective talismans and used as a shield, protecting the wearer from harm and negativity. Black crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Jet and Obsidian help us identify sources of light and energy within, allowing us to illuminate dark corners of our self and assist us in taking control of our fears. 

In the chakra philosophy ascribes black to the root chakra. Stability, support, family, survival and roots to the earth are all part of the first chakra. 




The color red has truly unique physical properties. It raises our pulse and makes us feel that time flows faster. It makes objects appear closer than they really are, thus being the first color our mind perceives. It is an energizer, it gives us courage and excites us. Red color gem stones such as red jasper and garnet fill us with vitality. They bestow confidence and remove inhibitions, are strong and intense in their energy, but also grounding and rejuve- nating. The color red is the color of the root chakra the Muladhara. 


Iridescent Hue

Iridescence is a gradual change of colour. It is in bubbles, butterfly wings, seashells and in some types of metals and opals. There is something very calming about iridescence. The smooth transition from colour to colour resembles a yoga flow – seamlessly moving your body from one asana to the other guided by your breathing. The iridescent detail present on the mat endows you with a subtle but harmonious effect, enabling you to reach a deeper state of relaxation during your practice.  


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