Yoga and Mudras: Magic At Your Fingertips

mudras used in yoga

Mudras, What are they and how to add them in your yoga practice?

Mudras are mystical healing hand and finger positions used in Yoga. They help intensify meditation, channel energy and heal. Each mudra has a different story, symbolism, effect and method of use. All mudras are more effective when partnered with pranayama (yogic breathing), visualization and affirmation.

Mudras have a unique ability! You can practice anytime anywhere, however this is true only if you are willing to create the appropriate space within you.

We will analyse some of our favorite mudras, were our hands will take different shapes and forms.  Once again, just like in Ayurveda, Acupressure and so many other disciplines our palms will be at the epicenter. It is most noteworthy that throughout human history our hands were used as dynamic maps! Depicting energy flows, our vital organs, even planets and elements. This time with a series of simple to highly complex formations our hands become self-healing instruments! So let’s explore!



Pran Mudra (Life Mudra)


Back to basics. This Mudra awakens our root chakra! As a result the fire or vital force resting at the bottom of our spine intensifies. Because of this we feel more alive and our energy levels increase. As a matter of fact the more we practice this mudra the less tired we feel. Another benefit of the ‘Life’ mudra is that it strengthens our confidence and reduces our nervousness.  For immediate results, maybe before an important meeting or interview to reduce nervousness combine the Pran mudra with breathing.  With this in mind take five minutes before the important event, form your hands and breath gently and slowly keeping your focus on your breath.

How to: Join the tip of your thumb, ring and index finger, extend the other two fingers.




Ksepana Mudra (Pouring out and letting go)


This is another very powerful mudra. It replenishes energy. Imagine a stream of energy moving through your interlaced hands, and releasing through the tip of your index fingers. It is very useful when we are in crowded places, where much of the negative energy of other people around us is absorbed by our body, especially if we are tired.

How to: Touch one palm on the other. Interlace all fingers except your indexes. Point towards your feet and the ground. Focus on exhaling and do not keep this mudra for too long. You only want to get rid of negative energy and stress. If kept for too long fresh energy will also flow out.



Hakini Mudra (God of the sixth chakra )


This is the passepartout of mudras ! it can be practiced anytime anywhere! Also it is not by chance that we are used to seeing it around us. From businesses meetings to chess players.  This mudra helps us concentrate and remember. It brings together our brain hemispheres and gives us access to the right hemisphere where memories are stored. Next time you catch yourself trying to remember some information, take a few breaths while practicing the Hakini mudra.

how to: simply touch all fingertips with their counterparts.



Jnana Mudra (Gesture of consciousness)


This is certainly the most wide spread mudra of all. It is powerful and resonates on all levels. It effects our physical body, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Yoga is the connection of humanity and divinity. this gesture helps us connect with the cosmic consciousness.  The thumb represents the cosmic and the index finger the individual. This mudra expresses the infinite desire of the human to be connected to the divine.

This mudra helps with relieving mental stress and tension, assists us in building strong memory and improves our concentration. It is associated with the color white and therefore helps us clear our thoughts and relax.

How to: 1. touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger. 2. extend all other fingers 3. calmly place hands on thighs.