How to use Yoga Blocks: Restorative Yoga

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Aladastra Yoga Blocks enhance your practice by offering support, balance, alignment and an assist on stretching and back-bending. A yoga block can be a super useful tool for beginners and more experienced yogis as well. Cork blocks have a resilient solid, dense and firm structure than foam blocks, allowing more support, grip and safety.

4 Restorative Asanas using Yoga Blocks:

1. Supta Virasana⁠ or Reclining Hero Pose

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Reclining Hero Pose stretches the abdomen, thighs and deep hip flexors (psoas), knees, and ankles. Strengthens the arches, relieves tired legs, improves digestion, and helps relieves the symptoms of menstrual pain. 


Using blocks in this extension asana brings extra safety and support, and makes it more accessible and easier for beginners.

2. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana⁠⁠ or Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana⁠⁠ gently stretches your abdomen, chest, and the area around your shoulders while strengthening your back muscles, glutes, thighs, and ankles. 


Moreover, performing Bridge Pose using a yoga block turns this yoga backbend into a restorative pose. It allows the spine to experience extension while being gently supported. This pose may help relieve back pain and might be used as part of the cool down in a yoga sequence or for meditation.


3. Viparita Karani / Pada Garudasana or Legs Up the Wall / Eagle Legs variation⁠

Legs up the wall is often best known for the benefit of triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, sometimes called the rest and digest response. In the basic form of the position, the purpose is not about finding a stretch.


However, in a supported Viparita Karani variation using yoga blocks, you can add a range of different stretches for the legs and hips, while also gaining the stress-relieving benefits of the pose.


Also, keeping your legs in Eagle Legs pose improves focus, and postural and body awareness while activating the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra.

4. Halasana⁠⁠ or Plough Pose

Halasana helps prevent and relieve tightness in your neck, shoulders, and back while strengthening your shoulders, arms, and legs. Practicing Halasana enhances flexibility, which improves muscle and joint mobility. Also, it makes your spine more supple, which may help ease muscle tension and improve posture.


Proping up Plow Pose with yoga blocks (you can use 1 or 2 depending on the level of ease you prefer) makes the posture even more restorative. As your feet rest on the blocks, the pose becomes more spacious, allowing you to stretch safer.

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