Sagittarius Picks

Adventurous, expansive and jubilant, the 9th of the Zodiac, the Sagittarius sign is associated with the Centaur symbol, the archer. Half human and half beast, Sagittarius is connected with travel, high knowledge and holds both an intelligent civilized side, and also an untamed, bestial nature, embodying a balance of primal instinct and wisdom.


As the 3rd of the 4 mutable signs and with fire as its element, the lightest and brightest, Sagittarius has a restless, change-seeking, and adventurous, and an affinity for enthusiasm, authenticity, and honesty. Moreover, it is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system that has the greatest power to bestow luck and good fortune. 


Below you’ll find our curared list of yoga and wellness tools, based on Sagittarius’s attributes, characteristics and associations, like colours, symbols, herbs, etc. 


Also, as the November 23rd’s New Moon in Sagittarius is tailored to tapping into our most adventurous and entertaining side, we have created a fun, simple, yet powerful Hip Circles Ritual that will help you relax, release, and power up at the same time. 

Sagittarius Picks

With the hues of maroon and navy blue colors associated with the Sagittarius sign, we suggest our Aventurine Scarab Yoga Mat for your yoga practice and the Deco Lune Yoga Pad as extra cushioning for your meditation. 

Some highly recommended add-ons would be the Iolite Blue Yoga Strap for extra stretching, the Nightshade Fractal Bag for taking your equipment wherever you go and the II. Sandalwood Clove and Cedarwood Yoga Mat Cleanser and Body Mist to keep your mat clean and fresh. 

sagittarius picks

As for your meditation, burning rituals, and home ambience, we suggest 2 of our favorite candles, the Indigo Night Soy Wax Candle and the Intuition Soy Wax Candle. Also, as Sagittarius’s element is fire, our Peruvian wild harvested Palo Santo Natural Wood could not be left out of this list. Don’t forget to keep it in a fireproof vessel such as our Indigo Crescent Ceramin Holder.

Hip Circles New Moon Ritual

The Sagittarius sign is associated wiht the hips and thighs, so this is the perfect New Moon Ritual. Our hips wind up being the energetic storehouse for our emotions and our deepest vulnerabilities. Oftentimes, due to fear or trauma, we naturally clench our pelvic region, and forget to release this area for a long time. 


The hips house our Sacral Chakra which is the energy center for our emotions, sexuality and our intuition. Also, on a physical level, our hips help our posture and core strength. Therefore, to keep us in touch with our feelings and our truths, to boost our sexual confidence but also for physically healthy hips, we need to loosen up this area of the body.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Here’s how to perform the Hip Circles Ritual:


1. Play a song that makes you want to move.

2. From Tadasana, Mountain Pose (or Bharmanasana, Table-Top Pose), slightly bend your knees, place your hands on your hips and focus on your breathing.

3. Slowly start rotating your hips, making big circles. Try to bring your full attention to your pelvic region, and to coordinate each circle with each breath.

4. After completing at least 2 minutes in one direction, switch to the opposite one and repeat. Allow any emotions that may bubble up, to spiral out. 

5. When the song ends, you can either sit in a relaxing position to feel the release, or keep the dance party going!


We hope you’ll enjoy this ritual as much as we do! 

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