Summer Feet Rescue Plan

5 Easy Steps To Fix Post-Summer Feet Overnight

You’re back from holiday, feeling sun-kissed and well-rested… except from your feet! Barefoot season is nearly over, and that steamy, aromatic foot bath is calling. Heat exposure, humidity, unsupported or no footwear, UV damage and all those summer escapades (walks in the countryside, days out at the beach, swims in the sea) have left your feet cracked and dry and in need for some major tender loving care.


Fortunately, we have the absolute recipe to fix your summer feet and make them soft and supple again in an overnight soak, scrub and moisturise ritual. Follow our simple 5 step guide below.


Which tools you will need:

Tip: Drink water before, during and after the foot soak.

Step 1: Preparation

Fill a basin or foot spa with warm water covering the feet up to the ankles. Light up your Aegean Fig Massage Candle and let the wax melt while you proceed to the next steps. Burning the candle also adds an aromatherapy aspect to your plan.


Step 2: Soak

Add half a cup of The Calm Before The Storm salts and place your feet in the soak for about 20 minutes. This hand blended magical recipe includes epsom, dead sea, Kalahari salts, pure vitamin E & C, botanical vesiculosus algae, jasmin and calendula flowers and jasmin and rosewood essential oils amongst many other organic, vegan and wildcrafted ingredients. A special formula that will definitely make you feel energized. 


Step 3: Scrub

Pat your feet with a towel but keep them a bit wet. Use the rest of the bath salts to scrub your feet  and eliminate dead skin cells that have built up these past few months. Rinse your feet with the water and thoroughly towel dry. 


Step 4: Moisturize

While you were enjoying your soak & scrub, your pure soy wax Massage Candle has melted into a precious pool of oil. Blow out the candle and pour the oil in your palms or drizzle straight on the skin of your feet. Massage your feet softly for a couple of minutes so that the oil spreads evenly throughout your toes, heels and ankles. Put on your socks and go to bed.



Step 5: Complete

It’s a brand new day, brand new feet! The essential oils had time to penetrate deep into the skin, leaving the feet intensively nourished and hydrated. You may notice that through this pampering of your feet you also experienced a full body relaxation!


Your Summer Feet Rescue Plan is done and as Chinese medicine believes, by cleansing our feet, we cleanse our body, as they contain a ton of pressure points that are connected to various organs in our body. Our bath soaks and scrubs and massage candles are all rich in enzymes and nutrients, which will help release toxins from your body, alleviate stress, and even help relieve tension from your head.


Enjoy your happy fragrant soft soles! 

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