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The Difference between a Habit and a Ritual

Firstly, before explaining the difference between a habit and a ritual, we need to completely comprehend what is a ritual.  What is a ritual anyway? Some rituals are so simple we can explain them in a sentence, while others are more involved, with specific steps and instructions. What all of them share, though, is a […]

Aries Picks

Aries, the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Aries are pioneers, leaders, first in line to get things going even if they are not eventually done. Aries is known to initiate rather than to complete. The possibilities of the dawn of a new day can be pure bliss to an Aries, whereas dynamism, charm, charisma, and […]

Rituals for Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the most powerful healer for body, mind, and soul. Sleep services all aspects of the body, molecular, energy, intellectual function, alertness, and mood. It is the time when the body enters repair mode, and it can work wonders.    Moreover, being sleep deprived can be a torture and has opposite […]

Women’s History Month: 12 Movies To Watch

March is Women’s History Month and we celebrate the brave, bright, and fierce nature of women by adding a selection of empowering films to our watchlist. You can binge all 12 of these movies before March 8, International Women’s Day, or spread them out over the month. Here’s our list of 12 amazing movies featuring inspiring […]

Pisces Picks

The Pisces sign is the 12th of the Zodiac, and the final in the zodiacal cycle, thus bringing together many of the characteristics of the 11 signs that have come before it. However, most times Pisces keep many of these qualities under wraps. They are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey.   Feelings […]

4 Herbs to improve your Mental Health

These 4 herbs can cast a magical spell on your mental health and general well-being. Bringing you relaxation and clarity. We are no strangers of long work hours, juggling personal and professional commitments, and so many other aspects of our lives that have a huge impact on our mental health. It is beyond normal to […]

Post Summer Beautifying Ritual

Love is the highest vibrational state of being and with self love comes clarity and compassion. A self-love beautifying bath ritual is a reminder that our well being (inside and out) is our number one priority. An encouragement to bring the focus back to cultivating the self-care and self-love we want to inject into everyday life. […]

The Winter Gear Guide

The Winter Gear Guide contains the most fitting mats, props and wellness products from our collections to help you prepare for these cool and crispy months.   Discover beautiful Yoga Mats with the ideal symbols and colours for winter that will help your concentration and alignment.     Firstly on our winter gear guide, we […]

Meet our Herbal Teas: Detox Blend

Discover the properties of the spices, roots and flowers in our new Herbal Teas: DETOX BLEND  A spice blend of Cardamom, sage , nettle, lavender, lemon verbena, pink rosebuds and Ashwagandha root     This is a unique adaptogenic blend with a myriad of functional health benefits, and it smells and tastes like heaven! You […]