Taurus Picks

taurus picks

Taurus, the 2nd sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the 2nd house, is all about reward. Unlike the Aries love of the game, the typical Taurus personality loves the rewards of the game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess. This zodiac sign is also tactile, enjoying a tender, even sensual, touch, adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. 


Furthermore, the sign of the Bull’s position in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere has been used by many ancient cultures for timekeeping to signal the original Spring Equinox. The Taurus sign has been associated with blessing agriculture and marked the time to plow and plant vital crops for worshipping cultures like Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and even New Mexico.


Also, Taurus represents the beautiful mythological White Bull that Zeus changed into to woo princess Europa. Zeus or The White Bull carried the princess across the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Crete. There they conceived a son, “the good king” Minos, who ruled over Crete for many generations and appeared in many legendary stories.


Moreover, in the western tropical zodiac, Taurus begins on April 20, commencing the middle and heart of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the sun’s heat and light are beginning to intensify, and the days are beginning to lengthen toward the Summer Solstice. Taurus season is when nature’s abundance and fertility begin to blossom, becoming stable and sustained, lending to the earthy and generous qualities of the Bull’s archetype.


Taurus is the 1st of the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac, who all hold an elemental energy of endurance and stability in the center phase of the 4 seasons. Taurus begins the middle of Spring, when the season is most “fixed” and established, lending to the grounded, immovable, and somewhat rooted tendencies of the sign.


Finally, Taurus’ element is earth, the heaviest and most solid element, which represents the very structure that all of nature is built with and upon, and without it nothing could take a material form. Taurus’ affinity for being methodical, patient, and dependable are all akin to the solid, heavy earth element.


Below you’ll find our curared list of yoga and wellness tools, based on Taurus’ attributes, characteristics and associations, like colours, symbols, herbs, etc. As well as, journaling prompts for the new moon in Taurus.

Taurus Picks

The Taurus sign is associated with the hues of green and light pink, the Hierophant tarot card, the earth element, and the throat chakra. Based on all that, here are our top Aladastra picks if you are a Taurus.


Firstly, as the yoga mat is your personal altar, we have 2 top options:

The Nephrite Scarab yoga mat and the Rhodochrosite Scarab yoga mat, specifically focused on the scarab, these mats are dedicated to rebirth. As it meticulously pushes its ball of dirt, we process our daily struggles. This little creature, celebrated as a god by the Egyptians, is the fundamental representation of the hope that lives in all of us : hope for embetterment.


Moreover, some highly recommended add-ons to enhance your yoga experience would be, the Botanica Yoga Pad, to direct energy to your center. As well as, the Earth Yoga Strap, the Earth Om Locket, and the Blue Lace Agate Chakra Braceletwhich offer an excellent support and assist to your yoga and meditation practice.


Finally, keep your mat fresh and clean with our II. Sandalwood Clove and Cedarwood yoga mat cleanser & body mist.

nephrite scarab

To complete building your personal sanctuary, we suggest our Aegean Fig Soy Wax Massage Candle, and our signature Native Smudge Sacred Wand paired with the Midnight Black Ceramic Holder to keep it while burning. Also, as a Taurus you will definitely love our Calm Before The Storm Energizing Bath Soak & Scrub.

Journaling Prompts for the New Moon in Taurus

On the 19th of April, the New Moon arrives in Taurus, and it is all about new beginnings, setting new goals, and creating a fresh start. During this time, you should ask yourself where you might be lacking in life and what areas of your life need help or focus. This is a great time for affirmations, intention setting, and self-care.


It’s important to have different prompts for each phase of the moon, as we experience each of these periods emotionally differently as well.

The more you practice journaling with the lunar cycle, the easier it gets. It’s also totally fine if you don’t journal during every phase. Take your time and really try to enjoy the experience!⁠


Benefits of moon journaling:⁠

🌙 You can better understand your emotions⁠

🌙 You discover new and different ways to take care of yourself⁠

🌙 You feel a connection to something greater than yourself⁠

Get ready for moon journaling:⁠

🌙 Get a lunar calendar (or keep up with our feed)⁠

🌙 Choose a moon #journal⁠

🌙 Pick a pen that inspires your creativity ⁠

New Moon in Taurus Ritual

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