The story of Talisman


This towel activates the 


Vishuddha Chakra aka Throat Chakra


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Color Psychology



The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues will stimulate clarity of thought. As a spectrum of hues, blue is linked to intelligence, communication, serenity and trust. Blue hue gemstones include Amazonite, aquamarine, apatite and blue lace agate. Amazonite calms our nervous system, helps us filter information and combine logic with intuition. Blue lace agate helps balance our throat chakra and enables us to vocalise suppressed emotions. The peaceful vibrations emanating from it are so strong that it eliminates any feelings of anger. Apatite is linked to strong spiritual guidance, helps us with public speaking and opens our throat chakra.



Turquoise as a color and as a stone offers protection and has been worn in talismans for centuries. Its healing properties comfort the mind and energize the body, cancelling negative energy and aligning our chakras.



The Evil Eye 


The Eye is maybe the best known and most widely spread apotropaic amulet, meaning that it holds the power to deflect negative energy.

With its origin set over 3000 years ago in ancient Greece, it has since spread to almost every religion and culture. 


Where it originated, it was considered a talisman so strong in its protective powers that it was able to shield its wearer even from divine wrath resulting from immodesty and too much praise or admiration. 

On your towel the eye is there to protect you, as well as to remind you to stay humble and grounded, to focus on improvement and not to be carried away  by momentary success.


Feathers found in one’s path have always been perceived as a divine gift. Across Native American cultures it is a sign that beings from the spirit world are trying to make a connection, in order to give you support and guidance. Feathers are thought of as having a strong relation with the heavenly realms conveying love, truth, protection and positivity for new beginnings.



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