Yoga Retreat Essentials

Prepping to go on a Yoga Retreat?

Booking a Yoga Retreat is one of the best self gifts you can make.


It is a time to disconnect from your stressful routine, connect with nature and surround yourself with positive energy and good vibes. Finding the right retreat that suits your needs will help you find healing, spend time with great instructors and concentrate on your practice with the element of a purpose.


Moreover, goal setting in a yoga retreat can help to stop overthinking, find inner peace and relax. Ergo, you shouldn’t have to think and stress about what to pack for your getaway.


That is why we created a simple guide with some yoga retreat essentials to help you embark on your regenerating journey.

yoga retreat essentias

Whereas many retreats supply you with a mat and props, we personally prefer to practice on our own yoga mat and use our own equipment.


Hygiene is very important but also having your own gear will help you create a safe and sacred practice space, a personal altar as we say.

First on the list of our yoga retreat essentials is the Yoga Mat.


We recommend our Super Grip Collection or our Light-Pro Series.


All of these mats will give you the flexibility you need while traveling and the extra grip factor that is essential wether the location has cold or tropical weather.

Second on the list but just as important are the Yoga Towels.


Even the grippiest mats sometimes can be slippery due to sweat and humidity. We recommend that you pack one or two Large Yoga Towels and a Small Hand Yoga Towel.


Both collections are quick-drying and ultra-absorbent, when wet their grip increases and when folded they can fit in your palm. Also, they will come very handy if you attend activities at a beach or a pool and it can be used as a Yoga Blanket as well.


Furthermore if you are on a budget  and traveling light, our large yoga towel is a no brainer; when folded it fits in your back pocket!

Finally, the next items on the list are optional but very helpful to have with you.


Yoga Pad will provide extra cushioning, alignment assistance and meditation imaging. Also it is the best companion in hikes, beach trips and anywhere you do not want to carry a full sized mat!


Yoga Strap will provide support for balance and stretching exercises, and for getting deeper into asanas. If this is your first trip we highly recommend packing a strap, learning more advanced poses becomes a treat!


Yoga Mat Cleanser & Body Mist will keep your equipment clean and your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Yoga Retreat Essential Clothing

Firstly, depending on your destination and the season, you need to pack accordingly. However, some pairs of yoga pants, sweatpants, shorts, a few comfy tops, t-shirts, long sleeves; and sports bras for the gals are the first essentials you should put in your bag. If your destination is a sacred place, there might be a dress code. You could ask the organizers so you are clothed properly. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable set of lounge wear and your pajamas.


Moreover, regarding shoes, comfort and agility are the magic words. From flip flops, warm shoes and slippers to training shoes, again depending on where the retreat is hosted and the activities it includes, two or three pairs should be ideal.


Finally, a few pair of socks, warm and grippy in preference, should definitely be included.


  • going on a yoga retreat does not mean you will be in bed by 6 pm! So pack your favourite dress and a pair of dancing shoes just in case!
  • insect repellent – depending on the location
  • first aid kit
  • if you take medicines, or have allergies pack a small pharmacy tailored to your needs
  • even  in the tropics it can be chilly at night, so pack a hoodie
  • yoga retreats are usually in the best locations but a tad off season, so triple check weather conditions!
  • sleep can be an issue, especially if you are in a shared room! make sure you make new friends by taking a pair of earplugs and a sleeping mask!
  • a book, a pen and a journal. so many new experiences worth documenting!

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