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  • -Size: 185 cm X 60cm
    -Weight: 1.2 kg
    -Thickness: 5,2 mm
    -Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
    -Material: Medical grade PVC,free of phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, DOP and latex

  • Made in Germany, designed and printed in Athens

Is this mat for you?

Did you know?
Your mat is OEKO-TEX ® certified! This confirms Aladastra's commitment to a sustainable nontoxic production. The inks used in our printing are plant based and water-miscible, as a result discoloration will occur with use.With the passing of time your unique mark will bcome visible on the mat, reminding you of the sweaty hours dedicated to your practice. Please remember the grade of PVC used by Aladastra can be recycled up to 8 times so when the time comes to dispose think green.

Colour Psychology
Stones with earthly colors such as Tigers Eye and Brown Agate are very grounding. Tigers eye apart from being a highly protective stone, grants us self-awareness helping us recognize talents and faults. One of the most interesting qualities of brown agate is that it helps cleanse ourselves of bitterness and helps us forgive. Additionally it is a stone that enhances maturity and composure.

Elements of a beige color hue would be Mother of Pearl and Pearls. Both of them have healing properties, as this is the reason for their existence. They soothe the nervous system and dispel negative energy.

Symbols to guide your practice

The Arrow is the symbol of the father. Sharp ones of gold represent love. It also symbolizes the strongest male energy, the Sun, the light of supreme power.

Feathers found in one’s path have always been perceived as a divine gift. Across Native American cultures it is a sign that beings from the spirit world are trying to make a connection, in order to give you support and guidance. Feathers are thought of as having a strong relation with the heavenly realms conveying love, truth, protection and positivity for new beginnings.

Sacred geometry studies nature and the geometrical designs, patterns and rhythms that are observed in it. It revolves around the ancient notion, first mentioned by Plato, that everything in the creation of our world is linked to geometric principles. These exist in everything around us from wave patterns to the motion of time.

Could you imagine a sky without stars? The night sky wouldn't be as overwhelming and beautiful if it weren't for the stars, which shine above us every single night. The stars were always something magical and inspiring to humanity resulting in them becoming a global spiritual symbol representing aspiration, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, guidance, faith hope and even magic.

Anahata : The heart chakra
The star is found in the depiction of the Anahata chakra, also known as the heart chakra. The Anahata has to do with unconditional Love, equilibrium, our well being, joy, and compassion as well as our ability to deal with complex emotions. In our Physical body Anahata guides our body circulation. In our emotional body it runs self love and love towards others, and in our mental body it steers our passion and our Spiritually.