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Aladastra towels although extra long, can fit in your palm when folded! Unfolded they cover even the longest yoga mats. This way you can have a clean and private workout surface wherever you practice! Ideal for a sweaty practice since grip increases when wet. Your Aladastra towel will accompany you in every adventure, it's the ultimate travel towel. It will dry overnight when completely soaked and within minutes after a shower or a dive. It will cover a sunbed and will be your go to item on a sailing boat or yacht. For the avid yogis know that our towels can be used also as superlight yoga blankets with a silky soft touch to accompany your Savasana.

  • -Size: 203 cm X 65cm -Super light weight & compact -Ultra absorbent -Quick Drying --Sand Repelling -Anti-Slip when wet -Silk Touch -Eco friendly Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-Material: 100% high-tech microfiber - Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Made in Greece, designed and printed in Athens

Symbols & colors to guide your practice
Pink promotes physical balance and tranquility, nurtures emotions, love and sexuality.
Pink color stones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Unakite encourage unconditional love and self-love. They can provide comfort during emotionally stressful times and are able to heal pain. They have a grounding effect bestowing balance and are linked to the heart chakra.

Turquoise as a color and as a stone offers protection and has been worn in talismans for centuries. Its healing properties comfort the mind and energize the body, cancelling negative energy and aligning our chakras.

Elephant, the remover of obstacles. No matter how difficult a situation may seem with perseverance and utilization of our immense inner strength the obstacle can and will be removed, this is the first lesson we can learn from the sacred elephant. Revered through cultures the elephant is a natural leader and a reminder to wake our inner strength and take the next step. The step does not have to be fast, but it has to be strong and confident. Pushing through against the wind and the rain we will take the second step too.

Feathers found in one’s path have always been perceived as a divine gift. Across Native American cultures it is a sign that beings from the spirit world are trying to make a connection, in order to give you support and guidance. Feathers are thought of as having a strong relation with the heavenly realms conveying love, truth, protection and positivity for new beginnings.


The Kalachakra is a three dimensional depiction of a massive palace expanding on five floors. On the ground you have the body mandala with four grand entrances. Within follows the platform of the speech mandala, at the center of it elevated is the mind mandala. The mind mandala contains two more floors, the exalted wisdom mandala and the great bliss mandala, where Kalachakra and Vishvamata reside.