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Aladastra towels although extra long, can fit in your palm when folded! Unfolded they cover even the longest yoga mats. This way you can have a clean and private workout surface wherever you practice! Ideal for a sweaty practice since grip increases when wet. Your Aladastra towel will accompany you in every adventure, it's the ultimate travel towel. It will dry overnight when completely soaked and within minutes after a shower or a dive. It will cover a sunbed and will be your go to item on a sailing boat or yacht. For the avid yogis know that our towels can be used also as superlight yoga blankets with a silky soft touch to accompany your Savasana.

  • -Size: 203 cm X 65cm -Super light weight & compact -Ultra absorbent -Quick Drying --Sand Repelling -Anti-Slip when wet -Silk Touch -Eco friendly Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-Material: 100% high-tech microfiber - Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Made in Greece, designed and printed in Athens

Symbols & colors to guide your practice
Purple is a very special color, a balance between Red (a stimulating colour) and Blue (a calming colour). Seen in all its glory during sunsets as daylight transforms into darkness, it symbolizes change of consciousness and transcendence from our normal waking state into the palace of awareness.
The Purple base on your mat is meant to calm your mind. It is the colour of the Crown chakra, Sahasrara , the seventh chakra located on the top of the head. It is linked to our nervous system and our brain and represents pure thought. It connects us with infinite consciousness and deep spiritual understanding.
Gemstones that help the awakening of the Sahasrara, like Amethyst, can be used during meditation by being placed between the eyebrows while lying down. Amethyst’s gentle purple energy, helps quiet down our thoughts allowing the mind to experience tranquility. Purple teaches humility and shows the way into the realm of true knowing and wisdom.

Orange as a combination color binds the physical and the emotional. It is a sensual color, that enhances fun and the feeling of belonging either to a community or a place.
Orange gemstones vary in hues from Carnelian to Amber. The former stimulates creativity, vitality and positive life choices while also invigorates our sexuality and boosts fertility. The latter attracts love and good luck while helping with emotional healing and stress relief.

Yellow is considered, due to its long wavelength one of the strongest colors psychologically. It fills us with optimism and confidence and it promotes our creativity.
Yellow gemstones like Citrine and Honey Calcite have highly energizing and uplifting properties. The former helps balance our solar plexus chakra and deflects negative energy. The later makes obstacles feel simpler, has the ability to amplify energy and due to its healing properties helps confront depression and fixations, while at the same time balances our crown chakra.

The Sun, the life giver, the god of all gods, pure energy. A heavenly body too grand to convey by words. Its symbolism transcends all religions and all cultures. It is the symbol of light, intelligence, existence, immortality, wisdom, truth, divinity, purity and the highest heavens.

Dark/new moon: inwardness, quietness, and deep thought and reduced activity. Retreat, meditation, endings and beginnings. It’s a great period to think and ponder change, to slow down and look within.

Could you imagine a sky without stars? The night sky wouldn't be as overwhelming and beautiful if it weren't for the stars, which shine above us every single night. The stars were always something magical and inspiring to humanity resulting in them becoming a global spiritual symbol representing aspiration, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, guidance, faith hope and even magic.
ANAHATA : The heart chakra
The star is found in the depiction of the Anahata chakra, also known as the heart chakra. The Anahata has to do with unconditional Love, equilibrium, our well being, joy, and compassion as well as our ability to deal with complex emotions. In our Physical body Anahata guides our body circulation. In our emotional body it runs self love and love towards others, and in our mental body it steers our passion and our Spiritually.