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Aladastra towels although extra long, can fit in your palm when folded! Unfolded they cover even the longest yoga mats. This way you can have a clean and private workout surface wherever you practice! Ideal for a sweaty practice since grip increases when wet. Your Aladastra towel will accompany you in every adventure, it's the ultimate travel towel. It will dry overnight when completely soaked and within minutes after a shower or a dive. It will cover a sunbed and will be your go to item on a sailing boat or yacht. For the avid yogis know that our towels can be used also as superlight yoga blankets with a silky soft touch to accompany your Savasana.

  • -Size: 203 cm X 65cm -Super light weight & compact -Ultra absorbent -Quick Drying --Sand Repelling -Anti-Slip when wet -Silk Touch -Eco friendly Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-Material: 100% high-tech microfiber - Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Made in Greece, designed and printed in Athens

Symbols & colors to guide your practice
The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues will stimulate clarity of thought. As a spectrum of hues, blue is linked to intelligence, communication, serenity and trust.

Blue hue gemstones include Amazonite, aquamarine, apatite and blue lace agate. Amazonite calms our nervous system, helps us filter information and combine logic with intuition. Blue lace agate helps balance our throat chakra and enables us to vocalise suppressed emotions. The peaceful vibrations emanating from it are so strong that it eliminates any feelings of anger. Apatite is linked to strong spiritual guidance, helps us with public speaking and opens our throat chakra.

Dolphins represent balance, for they balance their animal nature with an evolved intelligence. Traditionally they carry positive energy and have always been viewed by sea men as a good omen. They are gentle and playful, they remind us to look for the good in everyone and to take things lightly while living in peace with everything that surrounds us. In the same time they are givers, there are so many cases where dolphins have helped the rescue of humans in reality and mythology as well as helping disoriented fellow sea creatures. They are light and calm yet strong and reliable.

The whale in many cultures is considered a very strong spiritual guide, it is considered very wise due to its longevity and a keeper of earth' s records and memories. Its strongest attribute is that of communication, its unique ability to connect and coordinate with other whales albeit the massive distances teaches us that we need to strive for deeper connections and genuine communication from the heart. The whale is a symbol of strength and tolerance, it can withstand immense pressure when it dives into the depths of the sea but at some point needs to resurface and breathe. The same is true for many of us, some have an amazing capacity to endure physical and emotional pressure but it is very important to remember to resurface, empty ourselves and breathe anew.