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Aladastra towels although extra long, can fit in your palm when folded! Unfolded they cover even the longest yoga mats. This way you can have a clean and private workout surface wherever you practice! Ideal for a sweaty practice since grip increases when wet. Your Aladastra towel will accompany you in every adventure, it's the ultimate travel towel. It will dry overnight when completely soaked and within minutes after a shower or a dive. It will cover a sunbed and will be your go to item on a sailing boat or yacht. For the avid yogis know that our towels can be used also as superlight yoga blankets with a silky soft touch to accompany your Savasana.

  • -Size: 203 cm X 65cm -Super light weight & compact -Ultra absorbent -Quick Drying --Sand Repelling -Anti-Slip when wet -Silk Touch -Eco friendly Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-Material: 100% high-tech microfiber - Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Made in Greece, designed and printed in Athens

Symbols & colors to guide your practice
The color red has truly unique physical properties. It raises our pulse and makes us feel that time flows faster. It makes objects appear closer than they really are, thus being the first color our mind perceives. It is an energizer, it gives us courage and excites us.
Red color gem stones such as red jasper and garnet fill us with vitality. They bestow confidence and remove inhibitions, are strong and intense in their energy, but also grounding and rejuvenating.

The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues will stimulate clarity of thought. As a spectrum of hues, blue is linked to intelligence, communication, serenity and trust.
Blue hue gemstones include Amazonite, aquamarine, apatite and blue lace agate. Amazonite calms our nervous system, helps us filter information and combine logic with intuition. Blue lace agate helps balance our throat chakra and enables us to vocalise suppressed emotions. The peaceful vibrations emanating from it are so strong that it eliminates any feelings of anger. Apatite is linked to strong spiritual guidance, helps us with public speaking and opens our throat chakra.

Savannah, life in all its grandeur, a complete ecosystem, a community in balance where life completes its circles as time passes. Every creature has its own distinct role and purpose of existence, from the producer to the scavenger, and all together result in perfect balance. The lessons to be learnt are infinite, let's start with the obvious one, do not resist, accept, perceive and then understand. No matter the phenomenal differences between us, only by existing together do we create balance, even with the elements we resist the most, we must try to create space in our minds and in our hearts for the whole world to fit.

Elephant, the remover of obstacles. No matter how difficult a situation may seem with perseverance and utilization of our immense inner strength the obstacle can and will be removed, this is the first lesson we can learn from the sacred elephant. Revered through cultures the elephant is a natural leader and a reminder to wake our inner strength and take the next step. The step does not have to be fast, but it has to be strong and confident. Pushing through against the wind and the rain we will take the second step too.
As a spirit animal the giraffe helps us rise above earthly matters, and focus on spiritual growth. It symbolizes the ability to see the big picture but still remain grounded. The giraffe reaches as high as possible in order to select the most tender leaves. When interpreting this habit in human terms, we are reminded that we have to treat ourselves, to pay attention to quality and to pamper ourselves. If we manage to incorporate this wisdom and nurturing mentality we will be making a great gift to ourselves and learning a great lesson from the giraffe.

The antelope is a beautiful creature extremely fast and very strong, it can demolish trees with its horns despite its delicate physique. It is the symbol of decisive action. It reminds us to stay healthy and strong in order to be able to adapt swiftly to change and to move forward with decisions.

Born in ancient Babylon the symbol of paisley represents the time of harvest, and captures the totality of life within one drop. Fertility, creation and abundance.