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Aladastra towels although extra long, can fit in your palm when folded! Unfolded they cover even the longest yoga mats. This way you can have a clean and private workout surface wherever you practice! Ideal for a sweaty practice since grip increases when wet. Your Aladastra towel will accompany you in every adventure, it's the ultimate travel towel. It will dry overnight when completely soaked and within minutes after a shower or a dive. It will cover a sunbed and will be your go to item on a sailing boat or yacht. For the avid yogis know that our towels can be used also as superlight yoga blankets with a silky soft touch to accompany your Savasana.

  • -Size: 203 cm X 65cm -Super light weight & compact -Ultra absorbent -Quick Drying --Sand Repelling -Anti-Slip when wet -Silk Touch -Eco friendly Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-Material: 100% high-tech microfiber - Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Made in Greece, designed and printed in Athens

Symbols & colors to guide your practice
The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues will stimulate clarity of thought. As a spectrum of hues, blue is linked to intelligence, communication, serenity and trust.

There are three aspects of the moon that enchant us the most.
The first one being what a great companion it has been to humanity. Second its state of constant and fast movement with its effect on us and our natural environment. Third its different phases and the ancient wisdom they convey.
Apart from the countless myths, the moon has always been a great companion to the strongest and most fragile human souls. From the dauntless explorer who discovers new paths under its silver light, and the dreamy poet who writes under its glistening light, to the star-crossed lovers who kiss and dream under its protection.
The earth and moon, are an inseparable duet, one pulls the other and the ripples of their cosmic dance affect us all. The moon is in perpetual movement, its effect on earth changes every two and half days, and in one month the circle around our zodiac is complete.
Understanding lunar phases opens sources of ancient wisdom, which in turn help us with the daily sequence of our life, and the notion of taking everything step by step, thus managing not to get overwhelmed.
Dark and new, from waxing to full, through to waning and back to dark and new again. Ancient civilizations would live their lives accordingly maximizing the benefits of the energy each phase of the moon conveys. This connection to the rhythm of the system surrounding us, resonates a tremendous sense of balance that often we feel we lack today due to our erratic lifestyle. A lifestyle consisting of periods of extreme work, to weekends with no energy leaving us unable to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. This is the reconnection we seek to find, syncing to the stable and confident pace rather than the chase.
Each lunar phase carries different forces, uses and gifts. Unlike the glorious Sun it provides unison to our planet since its view does not depend on the positioning of the person looking up. ‘the entire earth responds to the moon as one’

Dark/new moon: inwardness, quietness, deep thought and reduced activity. Retreat, meditation, endings and beginnings. It’s a great period to think and ponder change, to slow down and look within.
In many cultures the cycle of the moon is viewed as a sign of immortality, the moon dies at the end of the cycle just to come back to life again.
Waxing moon: time of growth and increased energy in our lives, expansion, ideas blossoming, all things seem possible, faith in the future and vitality.
Waning moon: This is the time to release, end anything negative in our lives, quit unhealthy habits, it is a period of deep intuition, it is an ideal period to correct mistakes and work on removing obstacles.
Full moon: when the moon is at its zenith, it's a very productive period and our intuition reaches its peak, however it is not a suitable period for major decision making since together with our intuition our emotions are also at a height.