Guided Meditation for Season Transitioning


Autumn’s arrival brings so much shifting in the world around us. It’s a time of transition and release and it can be difficult to maintain balance during such periods. Follow this guided meditation to gently ground, center and connect yourself with Fall’s energy.


Soak Up on Nature’s Energy

Go outside, either in a park or the woods, or even your backyard. Take off your shoes and socks and stand barefoot in Tadasana, aka Mountain Pose. Feel your feet rooted on the ground and close your eyes. Standing tall, start slowing your breath, expand your chest on inhaling and let go on exhaling. Find inner stillness and mindfulness.


Once you feel the calm, begin to walk by synchronising each inhale and exhale with your steps. Inhale and lift your foot, exhale and place your foot on the earth from the heel to the toes. Follow whichever path you want. Go forward or create shapes around yourself intuitively. Feel the fresh air on your skin, notice the sounds and smells of nature around you.


When it’s time to stop, come back into Tadasana and close your eyes. Keep your breathing pattern for 5 more breath cycles and on the last inhale raise your hands up overhead, open your eyes and look up, and on the exhale bring yourself in Pranamasana, aka Prayer Pose. Palms press together in front of your heart’s center while allowing your shoulders to roll down the back and the elbows to rest at the sides of your rib cage.


Embrace the sense of serenity and nature’s powerful energy.




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