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leo sign
Leo, the 5th sign of the zodiac, represented by the mighty Lion, an astrological sign that refers to Greek mythology, associated with the lion that Hercules overcame in a heroic mythological battle. Since then it’s a symbol of strength, pride and courage. One of the brightest stars of this constellation is called Regulus, which means […]
A true candle fanatic knows that lighting up candles is a year-round addiction. Summer is no exception and a perfect time to switch from cosy fragrances to bright and fresh scents. Refresh your indoor spaces and even compliment the atmosphere of your terrace or garden with summer scented soy wax candles. From scents that bring […]
Talisman This towel activates the    Vishuddha Chakra aka Throat Chakra   Click here to read more about the Seven Chakras in our related post. Color Psychology BLUE The color blue affects our mind rather than our physical body. It is a soothing and appeasing color. Light blue will help us concentrate and calm down whereas stronger blues […]