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Indulge in a therapeutic massage treatment with our luxurious Pure Organic Soy Wax Massage Candles We are so happy to introduce you our new Massage Candles, The White Peony and The Aegean Fig, hand poured and hand made by artisans in Athens.    But you are probably wondering… What is a massage candle and how […]
Kaleidoscope The kaleidoscope symbolizes the beauty of life. No matter how much you shake a kaleidoscope and its random glass pieces, you will still end up with a beautiful image. Regardless of how many difficult changes you endure and how much reality shakes you, still the beauty of life shines through, even when you least […]
Geminis are best known through their iconic twin symbol, and their association with planet of Mercury, the celestial body of communication. They are adaptive and have a natural ability to understand the duality of life. They can experience both sides of the same thing at the same time. The air element, which dominates them, makes […]