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pop-up store
We are very excited to announce the opening of our 1st Pop-Up Store in the heart of Athens, Greece. Find us at Patriarchou Ioakim 30-32, Kolonaki, we are open from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Our store is fully stocked with all your favorite Yoga Mats and Equipment, our Wellness Collection and our Ritual Tools. […]
Autumn’s arrival brings so much shifting in the world around us. It’s a time of transition and release and it can be difficult to maintain balance during such periods. Follow this guided meditation to gently ground, center and connect yourself with Fall’s energy. Soak Up on Nature’s Energy Go outside, either in a park or […]
summer yoga tips
The summer heat can be relentless, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. However, with the right approach, we can stay cool, calm, and energized all season long. One effective way to beat the summer heat and rejuvenate our body and mind is through the practice of yoga. Here are some valuable summer yoga tips that […]