Monthly Archives: October 2021

Art meets Yoga: The Scarab Talismans Collection

The Scarab Talismans Collection: Diane Alexandre X Aladastra Our limited edition collaboration with the talented French born artist Diane Alexandre is divided in two collections: the Psychedelic Dreams and the Scarab Talismans. Firstly, we will introduce you to the later which has direct inspirations by the artist’s ceramic work.   Diane focused on the ideas […]

Meet our Herbal Teas: Detox Blend

Discover the properties of the spices, roots and flowers in our new Herbal Teas: DETOX BLEND  A spice blend of Cardamom, sage , nettle, lavender, lemon verbena, pink rosebuds and Ashwagandha root     This is a unique adaptogenic blend with a myriad of functional health benefits, and it smells and tastes like heaven! You […]

Fall Practice: The Ultimate Guide

Explore the ideal yoga gear for this autumn season. Based on elements, colors, symbols, scents and tastes, we’ll help you upgrade your fall practice with this ultimate shopping guide.     Firstly, as the elements on your yoga mat play a huge role during your practice, we have selected the perfect autumn designs. The Moonlit […]

Burning Rituals 101: PALO SANTO

Let’s begin the Palo Santo burning ritual by first setting your space. Here at Aladastra, we believe that our yoga mat is our altar, so choose the yoga mat or yoga pad that better helps you connect with yourself and meditate. Of course, any surface or space will do as long as it works for […]

Meet our Herbal Teas: Chai Latte

Discover the properties of the spices, roots and flowers in our new Herbal Teas: CHAI LATTE  A spice blend of ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, black peppercorn, turmeric and lapacho   Chai Latte is a traditional ayuverdic tonic with a twist. The abundance of gorgeous spices creates a soothing and warm golden elixir that can be […]