The story of Tribal Moon

Tribal Moon

tribal moon

This mat activates the 

Anahata Chakra aka Heart Chakra


The star finds itself  in the depiction of the Anahata chakra, also known as the heart chakra.


Additionally, the Anahata has to do with unconditional Love, equilibrium, our well being, joy, and compassion as well as our ability to deal with complex emotions.


In our Physical body Anahata guides our body circulation. Whereas, in our emotional body it runs self love and love towards others. And in our mental body it steers our passion and our Spiritually.


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Color Psychology



The Pink color of the Tribal Moon yoga mat promotes physical balance and tranquility, nurtures emotions, love and sexuality. Pink color stones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Unakite encourage unconditional love and self love.


Also, they can provide comfort during emotionally stressful times and have the ability to heal pain.


Finally, they have a grounding effect bestowing balance and link to the heart chakra.


The Hamsa


The hamsa is an amulet for protection embraced today across various cultures; its origin however predates modern religions and belongs to the Phoenician lunar goddess Tanit.


Tanit’s hand can ward away the evil eye and has since been placed on home entrances and wearable amulets.


The Moon

Each lunar phase carries different forces, uses and gifts. Unlike the glorious Sun it provides unison to our planet since its view does not depend on the positioning of the person looking up.


“The entire earth responds to the moon as one.”


Dark/new moon: inwardness, quietness, deep thought and reduced activity. Retreat, meditation, endings and beginnings. It’s a great period to think and ponder change, to slow down and look within. In many cultures the cycle of the moon is a sign of immortality, the moon dies at the end of the cycle just to come back to life again.


Waxing moon: time of growth and increased energy in our lives, expansion, ideas blossoming, all things seem possible, faith in the future and vitality.


Waning moon: This is the time to release, end anything negative in our lives, quit unhealthy habits, it is a period of deep intuition, it is an ideal period to correct mistakes and work on removing obstacles.


Full moon: when the moon is at its zenith, it’s a very productive period and our intuition reaches its peak, however it is not a suitable period for major decision making since together with our intuition our emotions are also at a height.

The Feathers


Feathers found in one’s path have always been perceived as a divine gift. 


Across Native American cultures it is a sign that beings from the spirit world are trying to make a connection, in order to give you support and guidance.


Additionally, feathers are thought of as having a strong relation with the heavenly realms conveying love, truth, protection and positivity for new beginnings.

Mala Beads

Mala beads are a traditional meditative tool that helps count breaths and mantra repetitions. When worn they act as a reminder to implement your personal mantras in your everyday life. They are made usually from gemstones. Each stone has different healing properties and energy, and these attributes should be considered when choosing.

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